About Rob

Prior to seeking my license as a professional clinical counselor, I have a decade of experience in an educational setting as a counselor to students at the high school level.  Through my years in the academic world, I have worked with diverse individuals and groups covering a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, career counseling, interpersonal issues, as well as athletic and performance art potential. I helped many adolescents achieve their highest potential and established collaborative relationships to assist them with their next life transitions. 

Since 1995, I’ve assumed many different roles in the world of wrestling, jiu-jitsu and the martial arts. I’ve spent extensive time coaching, competing, and conducting workshops and women’s self-defense seminars throughout the Northeastern United States.  In addition to my experience with martial arts, I have a profound passion for the ocean and have been surfing and teaching others to surf for over a decade.  Combining my experience in coaching and mental health, I currently work with many high-level performance based professionals looking to improve output, mend fractured relationships, and find balance in daily life.

Through my passions and professional experience, I hope to bring a different perspective to our counseling sessions that can result in new insights as we work to promote positive change, resilience, and self-reliance.