Most individuals who seek therapy are looking to address some sort of thought, feeling or behavior that just plain isn’t working for them.  These habitual patterns create a stuck point.  These stuck points at best do not feel good and at worst are downright PAINFUL.  Through collaboration between therapist and client, we look to help you get “unstuck”, address the underlying issues at play, and build skills to cope when those unhelpful thoughts and feelings arise again.

Through a partnership with Heliyo Athlete Lab, we pair the worlds of Physical Therapy and CBT to help you mentally and physically get “unstuck”, and create a sustainable model for movement and cognitive adaptability.

A general overview of services provided through CBTA are divided into 3 categories:

Current Athletes:
1)   Create a winning mindset through optimal performance based counseling.
2)  Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to work past plateaus, stuck points, and competition insecurity.
3)  Create sense of well-being outside of competition by addressing underlying interpersonal and internal issues that may have previously been neglected.

Injured/Sidelined Athletes:
1)  Create a mental recovery plan through collaboration and unburdening of unhealthy thoughts.
2)  Address the distress that comes with being injured and sidelined from your passion.
3)  Identify and process the negative feelings that tend to surface during forced time away from sport (i.e. past trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.).

Twilight and Retired Athletes:
1)   Identify the role of sport/competition in the athlete’s life.
2)   Address all symptoms that come with retirement:
       a.  Complicated grief, depression, loss of identity, loss of purpose and commodity.
3)   Build a mental health retirement plan by:
       a.    Facilitating a smooth transition from athlete to “civilian” life
       b.  Promote emotional change through examining and modifying thought and behavior processes that may be unhealthy or outdated.         
       c.  Address and process past issues that may have been neglected or masked through sport and have resurfaced in painful ways.     



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